Fix My Car: Zombie Survival™

 FireRabbit® is proud to announce its latest mobile game release: Fix My Car: Zombie Survival!


Find parts and tools and use your mechanic skills to upgrade a stock clunker car into a high-performance, mean, zombie-proof ride! Pimp out your auto with dozens of engine, suspension, interior, body, armor, and weapon mods.

It's the zombie apocalypse and you and a cool girl you just met barely made it out of Downtown. Work together as a team and take control of a high-end auto body shop to build the ultimate car and use it to escape the city. 

Create a zombie-proof ride to survive the apocalypse!


+ 60+ objectives and upgrades to complete (FULL version only).
+ Dozens of tools and after-market parts to find and install.
+ Cool high-end body shop environment to explore and defend; block off windows and doors to buy more time work on your car.
+ Take advantage of high-tech shop equipment to make extensive car mods.
+ Built-in hint system (FULL version only).
+ No in-app purchases... you get everything upfront!
+ No ads (FULL version only).



Find the LITE/FREE game on these markets:

Play Fix My Car: Zombie Survival LITE™ on the Apple App Store for FREE!

Play Fix My Car: Zombie Survival LITE™ on the Google Play App Store for FREE!

Play Fix My Car: Zombie Survival LITE™ on Amazon App Store for FREE!

Find the FULL game on these markets: 

Play Fix My Car: Zombie Survival™ on the Apple App Store

Play Fix My Car: Zombie Survival™ on the Amazon App Store


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