FireRabbit has released its latest game series: Tombstone Room Escape! Have you ever wanted to be a cowboy (or cowgirl!) in the Wild West? Beat the clock and daringly escape the Saloon and Casino while facing off against the fiercest and most corrupt sheriff that you have ever known.  Gun fights, puzzles, clues, and hidden objects stand between you and certain death.

You can play “Saloon – Tombstone Room Escape” for free today with no ads and no permissions (no string attached). If you like it, for the price of a single coffee you can enjoy the second chapter “Casino – Tombstone Room Escape”.

Interested in playing?  Just follow this link:

Play - Tombstone Room Escape - Mobile App

You can also find the game on their respective marketplaces here:

Download Tombstone Room Escape on iTunes here

Download Tombstone Room Escape on Amazon here

Download Tombstone Room Escape on Google Play here

Download Tombstone Room Escape & Noble here

Our next step is to release this game in different languages.  Have fun, and please rate us if you enjoyed it!  Don’t forget to join us on Facebook for our latest game news and upcoming events.

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