FireRabbit is proud to announce its latest mobile game release: Fix My Truck: Red Fire Engine!



Paint the firetruck with bright red colors, install the loud sirens, repair the main turntable ladder, upgrade the pump, rescue a cat, and race the truck in a wildfire emergency mission.

Build a fire engine (fire truck / fire apparatus). In this simulator, we teach mechanics/firefighters of all ages what it takes to construct a beautiful, stunning fire truck. Learn as you go with hints and clues in this 3D simulator dream; you don’t need much knowledge as we teach you all the required mechanical skills.

Create a zombie-proof ride to survive the apocalypse!


 + Emergency! Hurry! - Local wildfire operations require the truck; race to the site!

 + Order Engine/Motor - Order part number 7777. This rescue engine needs big power.

 + Paint the Truck - This truck needs a coat of FireRabbit-red paint.

 + Find Firefighter Helmet - The Fire Chief left it in his car in the parking lot.

 + Install Light Bar - Install the visual warning system (light bar).

 + Find Firefighting Boots - Find firefighting boots strong enough for most hazardous materials.

 + Test Fire Alarm - Fire Departments require that all fire alarms be tested.

 + Install Sirens - Secure the sirens on the front fenders.

 + Install Engine/Motor - Secure the motor in the engine bay.

Ready to play?  Follow this link:

Play Fix My Truck: Red Fire Engine

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